2009 Super EXPO

Cambridge Public Library Hesspler Building

examples of past design projects

Recent Association Management Work

  • Legal development of the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA)
    • Secretary-Treasurer now – $1M organization
  • Executive Director, Canadian Urban Libraries Council (2008 present) / $250K. Recent CULC projects include:
    • Leading a government relations campaign and public awareness about econtent pricing for libraries. Our campaign on behalf of libraries in Canada was joined and expanded by a library association in the US.
    • COVID-19 resource for Canadian libraries, a task force was launched in April and a 100-page publication, and companion website with additional resources, was published at the end of May 2020 including 7 webinars with more than 2,000 participants and resulted in several new members for CULC.
    • A leadership training program run through the University of Toronto for upper-level management experience.
  • Sponsorship Development RFP for Forest of Reading® – resulted in more than $500,000 for the client over the next three years (2015–2018)
  • CELPLO Consortium on Electronic Database (2009–2011) / $1M per annum
  • Administrated the Digital Skills for Youth (2018–2020) internship program for libraries and partner organizations across Canada
  • Community Access Program Youth Initiative – Ontario (1996–2017 program ended) / $1.8M per annum.
  • Interim CEO – Knowledge Ontario (2011–2015) / $1.2M
    • Doing wind-down on behalf of the Board of Directors
    • Maintain the Charitable Status of the organization
  • Our Digital World (2011–2012) / $250K
  • NFP Set-up and development of a Governance Model for becoming a legitimate NFP contributor. Includes URLs and Vita Toolkit absorption.

Event Management & Revenue Generation